I’ve spent nearly 30 years leading business, economic, and community development initiatives and I’ve been pretty successful at it. I’ve worked with hundreds of corporations, start-ups, non-profit organizations and governments. Additionally, I’ve served three excepted-service appointments with the U.S. Department of Commerce and am currently employed with the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With Pearl Suite, I’m using the same principles and strategies I’ve used to grow businesses and larger economies, to help people from all walks of life improve the economy of their own households. I’ve created a three prong approach that drives everything we do at Pearl Suite. Know. Sow and Grow.

1. First, we Equip you with the knowledge. Think of this knowledge as seeds.

2. Next, we Guide you to take action in applying what you’ve learned. This is you sowing those seeds.

3. Then, we Coach you as you cultivate the little things into bigger things. This is you achieving growth.

I encourage everyone, of any age, regardless of your financial situation, to launch a micro business. Most can be launched for little or no money and I can teach you how. Its one of the most effective ways to apply and understand these principles….and its fun. If a micro business doesn’t interest you, I can show you how to apply these principles in your household…the original economy.

The Pearl Suite approach will challenge you to define, or redefine, success to include a balance of wealth and well-being. Its not just about your finances but your health and happiness as well.

There are no fees or strings. Just us working together to improve the economy of YOU!

Please use the contact info below if you would like to be involved in this project of empowering people and strengthening communities.